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Miami Beach Sunrise Engagement Session

Miami Beach sunrise engagement sessions, or any beach on the east coast for that matter, are SO EPIC for a few reasons. First of all, you really get the beach to yourself. Everyone is enjoying their slow weekend morning having brunch and you’ve already done your session. This allows both the photographer and the couple to get really creative and have FUN! You don’t have to worry much about onlookers making it a comfortable experience. Another great reason why Miami Beach sunrise sessions are ideal is because of the weather. NO BUGS! Can you believe it?! Since the morning is nice and cool, you don’t even sweat. So our pesky friends are no where to be found. Win-win in our book. Lastly, you get the most flattering sunlight in your photos. Since the sun is low on the horizon, it gives off a very soft light making everything more magical. The same can be said about photos at sunset with one critical difference. Sunrise photos have a golden tone meanwhile sunset photos have a more orange/pink tone. Different vibe for different sessions. Both are great options!

Taylor and Daniel opted to do a sunrise session for their Miami Beach engagement right behind the Eden Roc Hotel where they were staying. It was super fun! They brought props which are not necessary but add a new element to the shoot. We always start with a warp up series of walking shots. This lets the couple get used to the camera and let their guard down. It’s very important to us that our couples feel comfortable so that they genuinely come across as such. No one likes to look stiff in their photos. Pro tip! – XO Jess

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